Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chaosdate: 07.39.88742
I am fucked up
I am really, really fucked up
Clyde is missing his right arm.
“You are fucked up and it’s hot out.”
Not any more! Boink!
Cassandra is missing her left arm, or is it her leg?
“You are fucked up and a demon is chasing you”
Or did she say ‘was’
Dirt in my mouth
Felix is pulling my hair
“Get up! Get up! Ms. Juliette’s buying you time!”
Silly imp. You don’t buy time.
My mouth hurts.
Not any more! Boink!
I go to lift myself up.
I fall on my left-hand face.
My left-hand face?
I should not call it that anymore as I do not have a left hand.
Clyde: You are fucked up and it doesn’t feel as hot and the monster is not chasing you as much.
Cassandra: It does not hurt to breathe if you do not want it to breathe.
But I want to breathe.
Clyde: If you do not want it to hurt.
I don’t want it to hurt.
Clyde: I will think the monster is not chasing you but he will hurt you if he catch you.
There is no one else around me.
My legs get sore again.
Not any more! Boink!
I am safe and alone.
I have used my compass that I cannot seem to find.
The pool feels very nice and cool and I enjoy it very much.
Not any more! Boink!
No, wait, he’s still here.
I should tell him.
I like it when it’s cold and dark.
Peter: So do I.

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