Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chaosdate: 07.39.7588742 – It’s cold and there’s no music playing.
They are playing hardball and I need to up the ante.
And mix metaphors.
When I was young I was too afraid to enter the Logrus. And mum hated dad too much.
But I now know how to face my fear: I cheat.
I am no longer at the kid’s table. The shadows are just that, shadows. Now I have demons after me and families and card magic and magical headaches.
And other shit.
But I know how to face my fear: I cheat.
Naxx shows me into the chamber I am to enter. It’s dark. Not poorly lit. Just dark. Torches line the walls, yet in the center, darkness.
Clyde: Well, now tha-
No more Clyde. Boink!
And no more Cassandra just for good measure.
Boink! Boink!
I stand at the edge of the inky blackness. And watch.
“So, Naxx, would not being completely whole matter, or is the nature o-.”
I never knew Naxx could be so fast, or push so damn hard.
In I go. This isn’t as bad as I thought. The headaches are getting worse.
Not anymore! Boink!
The walk is tough. Or is it a swim. I don’t know. I can’t tell what’s going on. This is dark, this is scary, this is madness. I can never do this. I am worthless and I’m going to die. I am half of a man. I should not set foot here. I should figure out what the hell I’m doing. I won’t have time, as I am going to die. I will be lost. I should give up.
Not any more! Boink!
False confidence is confidence. The pain is real but I figure I should keep it up. It’s been awhile since I subjected myself to it.
My head hurts.
Not an-
Christ, my head hurts!
Fuck it.
Not any more! Boink!
Shapeshifting has helped. I do not really know how I would look if I were to see myself. But I have reflected myself to the environment.
Whatever the hell that is.
Where is Victoria?
Why am I thinking about her now?
Sometimes I wish I cared about her. Perhaps I should learn to un-boink. Perhaps I am missing something by not experience negative emotions.
Not any more! Boink!
Can I not move my limbs, or do I lack the will to do so? It’s cold. Maybe I just can’t feel them. And I have one less now. For now. I lost my fucking arm. And I think a long. A lung. God my head hurts. What? Boink! No wait. I didn’t. What is. Go. Almost. Cannot. Legs. Arm. Face on fire. I cannot. Only darkness. Where am I going. Have I died? Is that light? Are those voices. Who? Is that out? Am I… Yes. Almost. Peter: One down, one to go.
Wait, Peter? Peter?
Naxx: Well, congratulations, little brother.
Did he just… Christ, my head hurts.

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